• ALCH-201 • 871 students

Would you like to learn about everlasting life? Would you like to understand how to tap into your spiritual psyche? Alchemy is based off ...

Ancient Runes

  • ANCR-201 • 998 students

Have you ever come across strange markings in old, worn books and wondered what they said? Do you have a love for languages and writing? ...


  • ASTR-201 • 731 students

The Moon, The Lifebringer

Care of Magical Creatures

  • COMC-201 • 1,483 students

Care of Magical Creatures is the course for any beast lover. During your first year in the course, we will discuss the Ministry of Magic,...


  • CHRM-201 • 778 students

Students will focus upon charmable objects and how they are bewitched. This course begins with an overview of object charming and basic t...

Defense Against the Dark Arts

  • DADA-201 • 821 students

Defense Against the Dark Arts Year Two will continue building upon the foundation set in Year One. We will continue our exploration of sp...


  • HERB-201 • 767 students

Second years are granted various opportunities to do hands on practical work with plants. To balance the extended work, the fun topics ar...

History of Magic

  • HOM-201 • 682 students

In this class, students will be focusing on the British Wizarding History. Ever wondered how wizarding villages came about? What was the ...


  • PTNS-201 • 753 students

In Year Two, Potions students will delve more deeply into Potioneering, theory, and will explore in greater detail how certain Potions ca...


  • TNFG-201 • 745 students

In Transfiguration 201 we delve into animate to inanimate transformations and discuss some of the complexities and ethics behind these sp...