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Frequently Asked Questions
General Site Questions
Hogwarts is Here (#HiH) is a website created by the fandom in order to simulate the magic of Hogwarts in an online environment. All of our content was written by volunteer fans.
A team of amazing, incredible and creative volunteer fans manage the HiH website and operations.
Not at all. Everything you do on HiH is free. You open a (fake) Gringotts Vault online and are given (fake) galleons, which are used to 'purchase' in-site items like books and equipment.
If you're having problems activating your account, or if logging in tells you that you're activated, or if you don't receive our emails and cannot log into your account -- use our Login Helper at hogwartsishere.com/help-me-login/.
House Points are earned by playing Hogwarts Trivia, or by completing your assignments.
The website sort of plays up both angles, so it's entirely up to you. Many people use the site as a RP experience, and some want to feel like it's their life.
... just because it is online, doesn't mean that it isn't real. Credits are only valid between other Wizarding Institutions. Sorry!
You can use anything from a username to a nickname to an abbreviation of your own name. This is only used when others visit your profile, or when you want to share your profile with others. It will appear as hogwartsishere.com/YourProfileURLHere.
Courses Questions
Once you sign up and get access to your account, you can view our list of courses by visiting "Hogwarts Courses" under the left-hand "Hogwarts" menu. Click on the "Course Directory" option to see a list of courses. Open the course you desire and you can enroll by clicking the "Enroll Now" link in the left-hand menu.
As a first year, you can take as long as you need to submit an assignment. There are no due dates. You will not be penalized for not completing an assignment by a certain time.
You cannot, because you will need all required courses to move to Second Year. If you are not interested in attending Courses, you can still keep and enjoy your account.
Courses are not required for you to maintain your account. You can choose to enroll or not, it's up to you!
This means our team is still finalizing your book. You will get a notification as soon as it is ready.
As soon as we can get to it! It could take up to a few days. Our professors have many students and limited wands!
It's not so bad. Plus, First Year doesn't have due dates, so you can take your time! The best thing you can do is enroll, see how you like it, and go from there. It doesn't hurt to try!
Each student has their own course schedule. The course begins when you enroll, and lessons (weeks) are released every 7 days from the moment you enrolled. Other students may have access to the lesson earlier because they enrolled into the course earlier. 7 days are required to pass before you can access the next lesson.
Dorms Questions
You cannot. Dorms are automatically generated when a dorm with 5 or less students is not found for your House.
The Dorm Leader is a position assigned automatically to the first person in your dorm. If that person leaves the dorm, the position will be given to the next person. Dorm Leaders can assign a name to your dorm under "Dorm Settings" and can boot dorm mates. Leadership cannot be switched, unless the current owner leaves the dorm
Chocolate Frog Card Questions
Finding cards is entirely random. Every time you do something on the website, while logged in, you have a small chance of finding a new card. When you do, the site will tell you and it will be added to your collection.