DId you find any hiden easter egs in the move or the book.

Well, I found out that Fred and George Weasley through snowballs at the back of Professor Quirrel's turban...meaning: they through snowballs at Voldemort's face. (I say his name out loud. There is simply no point in not saying his name. Fear of a name increases fear of a thing itself)
You know... despite being portrayed as a powerful wizard, Harry never casts a single spell in the first movie!
Also, how does Quirrel take a shower... or sleep? It must be very awkward
But I think how do Voldemort take breath inside Quirrel's turban( actually with sweat inside Quirrel's turban)
I Agree with Ariana Potter
Usually cloth has some small holes that make it easy for you to breathe... Plus if I'm remembering correctly Unicorn Blood gives you more of a face like a snake. Meaning he may or may not have not really been able to breath anyways.
I saw that Erised backwards is Desire and the mirror shows what you desire. Its simple math really!

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