The Teachers Discussing Hogwarts' Future

OK, this is my favourite of all the books, but I have to say, a thought hit me yesterday when I thought about HBP, which was when Harry, McGonnagall, Sprout, Flitwick, Slughorn and Hagrid were in the head's office discussing the future of Hogwarts, why didn't any of them go, "Hang on a minute, now that Dumbledore's dead, we might not have a say in what happens to Hogwarts next year, seeing as the wizard You-Know-Who feared the most is gone, meaning that he is going to infiltrate the Ministry and this school at some point in the near future, meaning all our opinions will be void." Is this because they are all overwhelmed with grief at losing Dumbledore and haven't considered this, or could this be a fault on Jo's part? I would love to hear what you guys all think about this.
They maybe didn't consider this, Dumbledore has just died so his death was the main thing on their mind. Also, I think they didn't expect Voldemort would be so interested in Hogwarts as to even place a couple of death eaters as teachers there. To this day I can't understand why on earth he wanted his death eaters to work there. Also, I don't think there was much they could have done if they had thought of this, they couldn't stop Voldemort from taking control of the school. In fact, they most probably couldn't even close the school even if they had wanted to.

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