Why does this most awesome of books not have any posts!?

Who loved Voldy's back story and history. I love that his past makes him believable instead of some black and white villian
Who loved Voldy's back story and history. I love that his past makes him believable instead of some black and white villian
I completly get where your coming from! Then there is Snape at the end, and shows Harry everything! That was I think the worst part of the book (emotionally for me). Like after so many years of thinking a professor hated you, to only realise he did everything for your mother, like the doe patronus! Seeing memories is 100% easier than trying to explain something how awkward. But I loved hearing about voldy's past and his family. And how all his horcruxes are trophies and he hides them in sentimental places to him (if he could ever be sentimental) 
But he really is extremely sentimental. I would argue Voldemort was a very emotional character that didn't understand social feelings. After all he felt rage,  fear, excitement, anticipation and other common emotions. The only one he didn't under was the ones that connected him to others. I want to think hactually did feel love,  greif, hurt and the other emotional until he was 16 and the murder of his family dulled his mind to them. I don't think he ever understood the feelings. How could he, he was never shown them? He was only shown fondness, loyalty, and admiration. 
All of those things happened in Deathly Hallows, not Half Blood Prince. At the end of Half Blood Prince Snape killed Dumbledore...
His childhood is in HBP :
The stuff that Anneka mentioned about finding out Snape was protecting Harry etc was in DH.  I do LOVE the backstory about Voldy's background as well.  
I was referring to what Anneka said. Sorry, should have been more specific. ><I do really like this book though. DH is my favorite but HBP has a lot of significant character development. And Draco Malfoy time! ;D I agree that learning Voldy's back story was also really cool.
HBP is my favorite because that is when things really start making sense. Each book has its own polt and climax, but HBP is really when all things start pulling together
Possibly because, while HBP is a fine book, its real reason for existence is to try and explain DH.
"Why does this most awesome of books not have any posts!?"Now it does :)
PREACHHH HBP is totally the best book
Voldemort's background is so totally interesting!
So he wasn't always evil....But he turned evil....kind of confusing if you ask me.
Wait, I just read it again....maybe he was always evil. I mean, he stole people's stuff, he made people get hurt, he probably set animals on other people. So Voldemort - Tom Riddle - was actually kind of like a school bully when he was young. And maybe he was...it just doesn't tell us. I think Rowling made a smart decision not telling us all the details. When a book leaves you wondering and imagining that means it's good.
I 100% agree. Half-Blood Prince really shows the characters for who they are. I mean, Harry's not super mad that no one is talking to him, Hermione is her usual awesome nerdy self. Everybody exept Ron is either in a relationship or happily single. Won-Won I mean. Even old Voldy was explained. Probably the biggest reveal of all in that book was all that Snape had done for Harry. Technically that was Deathly Hallows, but I chalk it up to HBP because it kind of blurs together. HBP really should have more posts.
I think ALL pasts of the characters of Harry Potter is interesting especially also what they did after the second wizarding war. Did you know that Cho Chang ended up marrying Dudley? Small world.

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