Voldemort's face features

There is no real answer, though most fans that study in depth seem to think it is a mix of the lack of humanity left over from his horcruxes and dark practices. Tom hated his appearance because he so closely resembled his muggle father, but he used it to gain favor and loyalty from those around him. After he failed to get the teaching position at Hogwarts, he vanished for over 10 years and is rumored to have experimented with rare, dark magic. It was during these years that his appearance changed because when he returned he was the Voldy we now know and love.I'm of the opinion that once he gained a certain amount of strength and skill he decided he didn't need to be as charming as before and changed his appearance to instill fear instead. Part of it might come from horcruxes because the last time we saw him while he was applying his appearance was altered and he would have only had 2-3 horcruxes at the time. Either way, we know he could have easily transfigured himself to any appearance he wished, but he decided to stay all bald and snakey. 
Yeah, probably. Both of you helped a lot.I still can't understand why he wanted to be all snakey and ugly in the first place, though!But, as they say, he's insane.
He also keeps his head shaved to prevent people using his hair for Polyjuice Potion :)
 He probably messed himself up trying to do crazy dark magic and trying to become immortal. Stupid Voldy.
I don't think that he made himself look like that on purpose. I think that when he needed to get his body back, he didn't really have a choice of how it looked. The body he got was what the potion created. It was either that, or no body at all. I think it was the same way when he was attached to Quirrell. He got what he got.
No, Abbie, I mean, how did he look like that before he was defeated by one-year-old Harry?
Cheap Albanian plastic surgery and Botox gone wrong? :)
"Tamper with the deepest mysteries------the source of life, the essence of self----only If prepared for consequinces of the most extreme and dangerous kind." - Adalbert Waffling's first Fundamental Law of Magic

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