Harry Potter Theories (You have to be able to back them up)

There is a fun theory of the idea that Draco Is A Werewolf. There is so much facts to back this up and the sheer fact JK has not said a word about it yet. No yes, No no.
I kind of doubt it. His father would do anything, and I mean ANYTHING, to stop his son from getting bitten. He was also 'friends' (I use that term kind of loosely).. Well, sort of working with Greyback. As much as Greyback loves biting people I doubt it. If he HAD been bitten it would have happened when he was young and considering we never see proof of him turning into one at the full moon. Or for that matter, being gone at the full moon. My gods, why am I trying to prove this theory wrong..
There's a theory that the Dursleys were so mean because they were under the effects of a Horcrux. HARRY! Was Harry a Horcrux right? And we all know what happened when Harry, Ron, and Hermione put on the necklace for a few hours! They went all grumpy! So... What could a Horcrux (Harry) get up to in a few years...? There's some food for thought! :)

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