Headmistress oshiro shall be restigated

Dear everyone I just got bullied from headmistress and its mentally upsetting me; i joined this website just 1 day before; i never thought I would be so badly treated. I want justice; Here r the screenshots: https://ibb.co/G5pvFnB https://ibb.co/HKqSWBz https://ibb.co/W0WHLPs https://ibb.co/XX3w8w4 https://ibb.co/2WnrL3X https://ibb.co/hdNzbSg https://ibb.co/hf1yCxv https://ibb.co/6Fm4dzN https://ibb.co/31wWybW
The headmistress wasn't bullying you. She was responding to you in a timely manner. Plus the headers are easy to find things on the site. Under "Groups & RP" is where you will find the groups. Same with homework under courses, etc.

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