Is HIH Ok?

I just discovered HIH and I absolutely want to dive in, but I'm worried it's dead? Like almost all of the links for courses lead to 504 or 404 page not found links and the newest post from (what I'm assuming is) the head of Slytherin is from 2018? Anyone knows what's going on or if HIH is ok?
HiH is still an active site. It’s going through some changes with the updates. The site errors are common, I find the site to be loading normally during 11 am or after 1 pm. There is no due date for the courses and you do it at your own pace.
You might have to reload pages one at a time until they come on, but yes they are common errors.
I discovered this in may, I'm a Big harry potter fan so of course I joined This, I love it so much, And everyone is so kind <3 but there are some Errors I do believe, sometimes you can't see if the person messages you they get confused, but other from that I love HiH <3
but I'm not sure if its My laptop or this website XD
Sarah, HiH is still active, even though the front page seems a bit empty. Courses are active, Staff is active, Groups are active, and though not perfectly, things are running ;) --------------- You can also participate in the Year 6 Break Activities here: ---------------- As for the error page... unfortunately, it is happening in all Year 1 courses, you just need to have patience and reload the page - you can also use these direct links, which may be of help:

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