Issues with getting into courses

I'm having some problems - I can get onto the site and most headers although it's slow. But when I go into courses and try to go into an actual lesson it loads for awhile and then says '504 Gateway Time-out' (nginx/1.10.3 Ubuntu) - is anyone else experiencing this... what can I do to fix it?
I know that there have been some server issues recently. It could be that. Sometimes refreshing right away works, and sometimes waiting a while before refreshing works. I know it's not a ton of help, but know you're not alone! :)
Thanks! Yeah I tried about an hour later and then it did work so I think it's a bit hit or miss. Using google chrome also seemed to work better..?
Oh, I didn't even consider that! I always use chrome...
Happens randomly.
I use chrome and it happens sometimes. It is just because they are working on the website, so things like that will happen until they finish. Just use On that website the feed works and you don't get those timeouts. It is really helpful!
I'm still having problems and this issue happens to me basically all the time, I can rarely ever get onto a lesson anymore. Hotchskoppers and Chocolate Frogs! What a mess lol.
Yes, I'm experiencing this issue as well. I assume it's because of the update they're working on, but do we have any kind of time frame?
I am experiencing the same problem... They should give us some information about how long will it take...
Hi! I'm new here and I have the same problem, I can't get into the courses at all at the moment, has anyone found a solution for this? I also can't seem to open
I am currently having the same issue. I have not been able to view a course since I signed up. Each time (doesn't matter what course I click on) it times out. I am using Chrome. Any ideas on how to bypass?
I am enrolled in Year Two Classes and added some Year One so I can do the extra credit. I keep having this issues with the Year One Classes (as in constantly), but rarely if even with the Year Two. I just marked all Year One Classes as finished without doing the fun extra credit because it's just too annoying.
If you keep reloading whatever page you're trying to access it should work sooner or later. That is what i've been doing.
Yeah I’m still having problems. Nothing loads on the courses. I’ve tried refreshing 20 times. I can keep trying but it’s agonizing.
I am also having this problem. I have just started on this website, and it took me about 40 minutes to be able to open my first charms lesson and another 30 minutes to get onto the assignment. I seem to be spending ridiculous amounts of time just trying to get on to the lessons. It's awful!
We should probably advertise what's going on, because we're not alone. I'd be fine suffering in silence if it was just myself, but if one or more people were to bring this matter to a professor or the Headmistress, whatever is going on with the site might be taken care of!
I'm also having problems and I have been for well over 3 months. And I use Chrome.
I found this. I don't know if it will help in anyway but I hope it does.
Dear all, indeed courses list pages are having that problem, particularly to 1st year students/courses. HiH Senior staff told me the site administrator has been informed and, unfortunatelly, there's nothing more we can do about it, presently. I ask for your patience. However, a colleague told me that if you use the desired course direct link it is easier than trying to load the courses list page. Let me know if this helped and feel free to reach out to me, via owl, if you need to. Yours, Professor Dalloway
Direct link has not worked for me and the filch server is down too.
I have also been having issues loading courses as well.

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