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Hi! Just joined today and I couldn't find the answer to how the timeline to courses work. Is there a schedule of when we should turn coursework in? (and how do we do that? I keep getting the 504 error on lessons that require work be turned in.) Or do we turn it in on our own time? For people who have had work graded, how long does it tend to take? Thank you!
There is no due date. I recommend to work on each course at a time. I made the mistake of working on one assignment each per course. That ended up with me being confused on the material and low grades less than 6 points. The site 504 errors are common. I recommend doing the homework during hours where there is less site traffic. I do my homework around 11am or at 7pm. You can print out the lessons then take the quiz so you can answer them that way. When it comes to grading it depends on the teaching assistant. I’ve gotten back grades within 2 weeks. Sometimes the queue gets backlogged and I’ve had assignments not get back to me within a month span. I recommend to take your time and answer the questions with the best of your ability. All quiz answers are found in the lesson and the essays require creativity. Hope that helps!
That does help quite a bit! Thank you!
The error messages are a problem with Year One courses, but not in subsequent years. If you hit refresh a few times, the lesson or assignment will usually pop up. I'd suggest doing essays offline first to avoid the risk of losing them. You can save them on the site to come back to as well, but I don't know how well that function is working in the Year One courses. tl;dr That will go away as soon as you reach Year Two.
I second Bella's and Jesse's posts. Indeed courses list pages are having that problem, particularly to 1st year students/courses. HiH Staff has informed the site administrator but, unfortunatelly, there's nothing more we can do about it, presently. I ask for your patience. However, a colleague told me that if you use the desired course direct link it is easier than trying to load the courses list page. You can also try using the direct links to Y1 lessons, it's not infallible but it helps, check the Y1 direct links doc here: . Let me know if this helped and feel free to reach out to me, via owl, if you need to. Yours, Professor Dalloway

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