Preparing for Yule Ball 2018 and partners(Ravenclaws or Ravenclaw mixed with another house only!)

Hi! We are preparing for the Yule Ball next year!
Hello? Anyone?
Don't you mean this year? or is it only every second year.. well if it is in 2018, It'll be around christmas, and that's around 2 years away. A bit early I would say
Hi I would do it if it would be okay I'm a Ravenclaw.
It's my second year at hogwarts
Actually this is the job of the Official Planing Group. To find out more about them check their website.
ohhh really? since now???
I would like a Yule Ball like last year, and that we could be all of us, too
The Yule ball? Sounds good!
Anyone wanna go with me? (Boys? ;) )
HI just clicked the link and it didnt work :[

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