Will somebody help me?

I keep trying to enroll in a first-year course(First day on this, I am a first-year), But it keeps taking a while to load. Eventually it does load, but then it brings me to this white page, and at the top its keeps saying, "504 Gateway blocked time out". Its got me very confused, Will somebody please explain this to me??
That sometimes happens when the Internet is bad or when the site is experiencing problems/updates. I know I had that problem when I tried to sign up for Potions Year 1, but if you wait one or two days then you should be able to access it.
If you just keep clicking on the reload button on your browser it will usually work, it may take a few tries but that's how I usually get around that problem.
THanks guys! I tried it on my mobile device and it works fine now. Thanks :)
Hello Amelia! Would you like to join my dorm? It is called "Evermore." Thx!
Also, you might want to replace the www. with harry. or filch. which always works for me Dorms go inactive fairly quickly. Your best bet if you want interaction is to join a group.
Slow server for the curriculum. Always remember, "festina lente". I'm trying to enroll in History of Magic. I think I'll give the 11 1/2 hour audio book a listen before diving into the curriculum. Need a bit of light reading for a warm-up today.

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