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My Birthday

"Hope come down here" my father, Draco Malfoy, yelled from the bottom of the stairs.
"Coming Dad!" I yelled back.
I put away my drawing then ran downstairs. I had forgotten it was my birthday.
"Happy Birthday Hope!" my brother, Scorpius said.
He jumped on me and hugged me and I fell backwards but hugged him back. I couldn't believe I had forgotten it was my birthday.
"Here you go Hope" my dad said as he handed me something that was in a box.
I opened it carefully. When I looked inside the box I couldn't believe my eyes. My father had given me a necklace with a wolf on it.
"Thanks dad! I love it!" I said still looking at the beautiful necklace.
"I knew you would love it" he said smiling.
I put the necklace on. I loved it so much.
"You two go play" my father said to me and Scorpius. It sound like he was sad but to me he looked fine, and Scorpius didn't seem to notice anything so I ignored it.