15 Harry Potter stories that actually happened
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The Harry Potter series has captivated the imagination of its audience for nearly twenty years now. It seems that ending the original series of novels was not enough to kill interest in the franchise, as the Potter fanbase is still so active that Warner Bros. is making some new prequel films just to satiate the appetite of those who want more magic in their lives. If there is one thing we love here at Screen Rant, it’s discussing Harry Potter– from fan theories to intriguing facts about the series, and even what the cast of the movies is getting up to these days. The series has so much depth that we could talk forever about the intricacies of the magical world of Harry Potter. Today, we are here to delve into the things that could have happened differently. Both J.K. Rowling and the makers of the films have been very open about how they almost went in a different direction at major points in the story. From deeper insight into Draco Malfoy to the King of Pop’s unique vision for the series, here are the 15 lost Harry Potter stories that almost happened. Start Reading