M (Part 1)
Melody Darcy
‘I have none of those irrational views that I would end up losing a bunch of followers after the publication of this particular apprehensive Story which unmasks the desolated but dodgy life of a so – called scandalous man who stalked for hearts, tracked for gold bars, hounded for the precious, chased after the clouded, dark light in the most pitch – black lawn, which opens to the vast, green, muddy and patchy grounds but so solemnly dark, that it dazzles you if you run after it, and so occurred with me, rambling across the fields without having knowledge of the perceived light which guided me like a true mother, which was better than the Good light still. And I’ve learned the human values from a different mode, from a different fashion which has enlarged my mind to view things without the actual moral in them and I proudly I hold the fire in front of the world which is still burning with cruel redness and ivory and perhaps won’t stop blazing its chirpiness forever! Over the years, I have been taught the deepest truths, and here I pace them out in front of the eyes of the law and perhaps the Lord, the God. And so the World’s Greatest Criminal will move on to a new life, and while the noble citizens will take swears under their breathe, and Lord M’s, name will be forever engraved in the History of Mankind whom will be remembered as thy remembers‘The One who Death Fears’. - M Start Reading