Tale of Tommy (part 1)
Melody Darcy
The wintriness shivers your heart, with a dim light enlarging your trapped soul; you may have never felt so. The soul which cries for the radiance of the sun, which is one of the fine things, a person who resides in a dark world will crave for, glooms and miseries which ensnare him with the utmost melancholy one would ever felt. This is a story of a sightless, blind boy Tom whose life had been like the waves – ‘Life is like a wave. Sometimes it goes up, sometimes down. It’s your choice’. But this story is much more than the anguishes and torments of a blind boy, but a legend which will enable the eyes to see something which a person with eyes never see; a story which will steer our boy into a world of happiness, love and a sacred light, which none else than a blind could see. But adventures lie ahead in front of this blind boy, adventures, a person with eyes will have never felt, never done so. As Mr. Hunkering Typhoon enters into the gates of Tom, he little knows what peculiarities and dangers await him ahead into the stairs of this excellent and dicey adventure. This could be a little baffling, to most of our brains (I don’t wish to be rude) about how a completely new planet just like the earth came into existence. I don’t know much about the solid facts of history so I can’t really figure out where to start the real history. There are five massive continents ( in their term its Nimbus ) Amensia, CIAZ , Beast Kingdom, Ice kingdom , Kingdom of the Master dragons , being Beast kingdom the largest and *Ice kingdom the smallest, but CIAZ ( Cunning Idea Area Zaps ) is world famous for its archness and unbeatable corruption . Unsurely, there is a mountain chain underwater called WW (Whole World) mountain, which begins from the first tip of Eric to the end tip of Eric and is the longest mountain chain in the world, or in the Universe! According to the phony (Only for me) myths followed by the people, Sir Adore created this planet with dust and other creepy and cagey substances, which I may not know. God made the first man, James and the first woman Jessica, exactly more than billions of years ago. Here we calculate years from end to start like 100,000 A (Age) to 0 A. There are five major periods: A) Non-humane age = 100,000 A – 99,000 A (time Eric took to form) A) Humane Age = 99,000A – 10,000A B) Middle Rule Age = 10,000 A– 3000A C) Kingdom Age = 3,000A – 0A After 0, we start from 1000 and carry on like 1000, 1001, 1002 and so on. From 1000 to 1600 it is called the Golden age and from then to till now (1982) its Modern age. This whole system is called the Year System (in short YS) During the humane age, people wore animal skins and resided on Dopes (Caves made up of leaves or sand) and used Leo metals (a new type of metal found in Eric, in purple color) to make weapons to kill animals. Then came up the Middle rule age (MRA), in which people began to make Geos (like villages) and practiced agriculture. This age was very weighty for the discovery of carriages, use of mud and gold. Birds were the first organism here to be a human’s pet or letter deliver. Soon, better weapons were made, as the kingdom age came into existence. The first king was Albert Madison, a member of the Gold tribe in CIAZ. Different dynasties rose around Eric, with their infinite resources and modern technologies. The other ages were techy ( means very modern in Eric ) with the coming of the bulbs, TVs, Wooden furniture’s and other things which made the golden age truly golden. And Tommy (his nickname’s Tom and mainly this name is used in the story), the main character in this story is born during the Modern age, and you’ll know more about this planet sooner or later, in the correct time. Start Reading