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Soft, But Strange

Chapter 1 of 5

Chapter 1

On the Hogwarts Express to the school, a compartment was empty, with only a girl sitting inside. A pile of sweets were next to her, on other seats. Just then, the door slid open and two boys and a girl came in. The boy said to her, "Hello, may my friends and I stay here with you? All the other compartments are full. And, I see that you are alone." The girl nodded. "Yes." Her voice was fierce, sweet, charming, delicate, and smooth, plus soft. They introduced them self. The boy says, "I am Harry Potter. These are my friends, Ronald Weasley and Hermione Granger." The girl was so excited that the famous Harry Potter was with her. "Oh, hello!!! My name is Jasmine Lestrange Peters. And yes, I said Lestrange. My mother is the second cousin removed of Bellatrix. But I'm not bad!!!" Hermione laughed. "We never said you were bad!" Jasmine smiled. "Yeah, 'cause just because my aunt was bad, doesn't mean I am." She added, "Want some sweets?!" Ron smiled and licked his lips. 'Mmmmmm!!!!!!" He grab several chocolate frogs,unwrap one, shoved it in his mouth, and beamed at me, saying, "Fays, Zecmins!! I wluv chocowate fwocs!!!" Jasmine laughed. "Wha???!!!"