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Dear Love

Chapter 1 of 4

Chapter 1

Angela was eating lunch in the Great Hall. A bunch of her friends were at home, it was Christmas break!!! Angela's parents were visiting her older brother, in France, her brother is two years older than Angela. His name works at a French cafe and his name was Jack. She was eating ginger ham and a girl, younger than her, wasn't eating anything. The girl seems as if she was in her first year only. To the girl, Angela said, "Hey, are you OK? You're not eating anything." The girl gave a weak chuckle. "I wanted to go home for Christmas, but my parents insisted that I stay. It's because I'm Muggle-born and my parents know I've never stay in another place for a holiday so they said to stay at Hogwarts!" A fresh stream of tears appeared. Angela wiped it away and gently smile at her. "Hey, I know what its like and yeah. Why don't you try the food? The Christmas feast is always good, not that your mother's cooking is bad!!! In a few days, you'll probably not feel like this anymore!! Give it a try! You'll see!! Oh, and my name's Angela. Whats yours?" The girl mustered a grin. "I'm Leslie." "OK, Leslie!!! Give my idea a try. If it doesn't works, feel free to visit me anytime in our common room!! My room's on the far right. You're in Gryffindor, right?" "Yes!" "Good!!!"