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Froststar settled down in her den to eat a fat mouse, brought to her by one of the camp's warriors, Ashtail. She took a bite and chew, proud of her warriors hunting skills. Froststar took bite after bite of the mouse until she had finish eating. Suddenly, an apprentice of Heartice came in. Her name was Bushpaw. "Froststar, Froststar!!!"she cries. Froststar got up and paddled up to her. "What is it, Bushpaw?"she ask gently. "I just wanted to see you!!!" The 2 cats nuzzled each other. Bushpaw's mother was the sister of the leader, Whitewing. "Oh, Bushpaw!!! Did you eat yet? If you didn't, there's still plenty of fresh-kill, you better eat, you look starved!!!" "Oh, I did!! Don't worry, I can take care!" "I'm glad to hear,"Froststar purr. As Bushpaw left the den, Froststar settled down to sleep.