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What do i do without you? PART 2

Chapter 1 of 4

the awake of Gloria

It was 1998, almost May, Mcgonagall got a note that said

“Professor Mcgonagall you may know wake Gloria MidAir….”

Mcgonagall didn’t know what was up, when she did wake Gloria she was sent to the castle, She gasped and said to mcgonagall “w-what happened while i was asleep…?” she looked at the sad girl and said “my dear… it has been a thousand years…. The Founders Are dead… you are in 1998….” I wanted to cry but I didn’t I sighed and said “professor how may I help?” she smiled weakly and said “when May comes be ready to Fight…” I nodded and well let me say I was still the young girl I use to be but my Age did change, When I died I might’ve been 39 years old…