The Unspoken Story of The Heir of Godric Gryffindor (Book 1)
Cassiopeia McGuigan
"You know what Malfoy! I thought you were better than this! Following me and insulting me in front of your friends!? Now I think everyone is right about YOU! You are a pathetic arrogant git! You deserve nothing but HATE! I HATE YOU DRACO MALFOY!! AND I'LL ALWAYS HATE YOU!!!" I screamed on his face and stormed away from him and his friend, wiping my tears with the back of my hands. _______________ (Y/f/N) (Y/m/N) (Y/l/N), a name, as important as other names. Fought side by side with the light to destroy the evil darkness. Made sacrifices like others to protect the wizarding world. Never fear death when it comes to protecting the loved ones. The true colour of her ancestor's blood. A warrior and a fighter. But what happened when her heart beats for the enemy? This is the story of the heir of Godric Gryffindor. Love, Hate, Pain, Anger, Betray, Fight and Friendship this are the things happen in every human's life. Including her own life. ______________ This story is a DracoXReader story and it just starts from the beginning of the Harry Potter story. It's a different storyline but I own nothing from Harry Potter books or the movies. Everything magical created by awesome Jk Rowling and Warner Bros. The idea of this book is mine but everything else goes to Jk Rowling and Warner Bros. This is the Book 1. ______________ Info of the new Character: Name: (Y/f/N) (Y/m/N) (Y/l/N) Height: (Y/h) Hair Color: (Y/h/C) Eye Color: (Y/e/C) Skin Tone: (Y/s/T) This story is based on (Y/f/N) POV. Enjoy the story and have fun. Start Reading