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Burns and Memories

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Bam. A flash of light. It's weird, after being in the dark.

Everything was burning. Screaming, crackling, charring. This was hell. She couldn't breathe. She couldn't think. Smoke filled her nose, making her choke. The young girl gasped uncontrollably, screaming for her parents. It hurt to scream, it hurt to move. A searing pain hit her, travelling through her shoulder like a wildfire. Her body hurt. A sizzling was heard, as the girl yelled out. Everything was blurry, and sirens were heard. People were yelling commands, and a few gunshots rang. The last thing she saw was the burning framework of the house she once lived in, and the shadowed figures of people running around her.

The young girl woke up with a start. She sat up, wincing as her shoulder moved. She looked at her shoulder, noticing it had been bandaged up. Confused and disorientated, she blinked. The blinding whites of the room made her vision blurry, and everything looked contorted. As her disorientation disappeared, the girl took a long look around. The room was filled with all sorts of things, from tables to trays of medical equipment. The walls were clean and made of marble, while the floor was made of tiles. In one of the corners was a large table, covered with a grey sheet of plastic, with many medical items on top. Some of the items had blood on them, creating small speckles on the plastic. The girl's eyes widened, her muscles tensing. She continued looking around, scanning the rest of the area. Syringes, scalpels and many more different medical items were on different tables and counters. In one of the corners was a sink with a large counter, and a massive cabinet was on the other side, filled with different pills, antidotes and poisons. There were no windows, and the only light source was a few ceiling lights that flooded the room. She looked at her bed, taking in what it looked and felt like. The bed was wooden, and painted a bright white. The mattress was soft, but stable. The pillow was fluffy, and the thin blanket was comfortable to lay on. Suddenly the door opened, giving her a fright. A man walked in, dressed all in white. The only thing making the man seem visible was his hair, which was dark and his deep blue eyes. Shaking, she sat up further and curled up, wincing as her shoulder moved. The man walked forward, trying to calm the girl. "Hush, it's okay, I'm not going to hurt you. You're safe here." Without seeming to move, he was next to her bed. "Come here, I need to check your shoulder and other injuries."

Shyly, she crawled towards him, shaking. The man took her shoulder into his hands and started inspecting it. Her shoulder was completely burned, the bright reds and brown hues blending together, with a bumpy surface. The bruising around it was a greenish purple, and looked like it was going to pop open any second. He stood up and walked over to one of the cabinets. Grabbing some items, he walked back over to the girl, and started working on her injuries. He took off the bandage, then took some of the numbing cream, and rubbed it on her shoulder, trying as to not harm her. "W-where am I?" The young girl asked, curiosity crossing over her features.

"You're in a safe place. You'll see when you are feeling better." The man continued treating her shoulder, and carefully wrapped it up in clean, soft bandages. "Done." He said, and moved onto her other wounds. As he went towards the shelf, he halted. "I forgot to tell you my name!" He exclaimed. "My name is Dr. Welsh, but call me Ryan." He continued, with a bright, toothy grin on his face. He continued to the shelf, and grabbed a bottle of disinfectant and a pack of band-aids. He wandered over to the table covered in medical items. He looked over the array of syringes, finally settling one. He bent down, and grabbed a glass tube filled with a substance that she had never seen before. The doctor fills up the syringe, and strides back to the bed. He sits on it, and gingerly dabs the cuts across the young girls leg with the disinfectant. She winced, a short burst of pain coming from where the disinfectant cut into the injury. After placing on the bandaid, the man grabbed the syringe and cautiously inserted it into her arm. The girl squeezed her eyes shut, waiting for it to be over. Suddenly she felt the syringe slide out of her arm, and a bandaid to it over the speck of blood. Tired, the girl closed her eyes, slowly falling back on the bed. Hearing the humming of the man, she took a long, deep, breath, and fell asleep. Her body heaved slightly, and the man said, "If only she knows what's really happening.."