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My Opinions On The Dark Arts

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The Killing Curse

Let's start out with the killing curse. The worst yet also least harmful of the unforgivable curses. This curse is a simple incantation of two words. Avada Kadavra. Now I recommend only using this spell when protecting yourself from a person or creature of with express permission from the person you are using it on. I feel as though this spell should be legal for HEALERS to use when given the express written permission of the patient, the patients next of kin, or their parent of they are underage. Only if the patient is affected by a disease that we or muggles cannot cure. Then if express permission is given by all parties involved I fell that the healer should to put it in cruder terms put them out of their misery. By express permission I mean written consent on a magically binding piece of paper so they cannot say that they did not give express to if they are unhappy if something comes about that soon after we find a cure for it. I feel as though it would not be surprising for a depressed parent, sibling, family member, or friend who gave the consent for the patient to be put to death so that they did not suffer to be angered if we find a cure after the patient is put to death. Therefore I feel as though to be completely sure of all legal documents and such that they sign a magically binding contract proving that they consented to have the patient put to death so they did not suffer. Now I end this chapter by saying that I do not think that using the killing curse for no reason other than that is alright. For the only reason I would agree to it being legal is with these regulations.