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the mysterious wolf-part 2

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transformation class is boring when you first start!

we ran into the classroom and sat down, but the teacher was in the field apparently waiting for us. we slipped outside and went to go join our teacher, and after that, three girls walked outside to join our class. there was a blonde girl, who was clearly not nice, and there was a girl with dark pink hair with a black fade, there also was a nice-LOOKING girl with pink/salmon hair with a blonde/yellow fade. they shoved me skylar, and hope to go stand next to jack, damon, lucky, and phantom(i remember his name! he's the guy i called bob in the last book.) also, jack is a cute guy, with salmon eyes, and jet-black hair. though mine is more black. and jack wears a baseball-cap all the time, like there's gonna be some game happening, right when we step on something, or somewhere. then, the teacher told the blonde girl to step forward. turns out, the blonde girl is named tiffany, the pink/black haired girl is alexa, and the pink-salmon/yellow haired girl is emmy. they don't look nice at all... "well, people. the first transformation you do, will help you go one step closer to your real transformation, and the rarer your first transformation is, the cooler you are." the teacher said, matter-of-tactly. the moment tiffany tried, the harder it was for her! three minutes later, she turned into, a bunny, which was the least, rarest, and the least coolest, by the look of it. i say this from opinion. not from the rating stuff. then, it was alexa's turn, and she turned into a bunny too. then, emmy turned into a, bunny, which was common. then, it waslucky's turn. he turned into a were-wolf, which apparently, was, a rare thingy-thing. then it was phantom's turn, he turned into a felize (which is a were-cat) and then jack turned into a, well a, knight. damon turned into a shadow powered thing. the rest of his power-stuff was hidden in shadows, which everyone who did go, had that too. then, it was skylar's turn. she turned into a ting with a purple-half mask. the rest of her transformation was, hidden in shadows. hope turned into a felize just like phantom. she only had one tail and another tail shape was hidden in shadows. she also had a shadowy part on her cheek. then, it was my turn. i turned into a were-wolf, and had big shadowy thing following me. i also had a star shaped shadow part on mah cheek. also, my hair had curly-looking parts next to it. i also had this halo-shaped shadow over my head. i also had a shadowy sword in my hand. the teacher looked at me like i was crazy. then, the bell ringed. we all went to our dorms, and into our rooms and went to sleep.