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The Ghoul’s Assistant (Part 2!)

Chapter 1 of 3


Being interviewed, I answered everything acceptable but wrong didn’t I? “May Ms. Raymond come to the dining hall, I repeat may Ms. Raymond come to the dining hall!” No! No! NO! This couldn’t be true! My life.. it’s ruined! I haven’t even met the ghoul and I already hate him! Those- those goblins! WHY! WHY would they choose ME! I started to stand but immediately collapsed. I can’t do this! “Ms. Raymond, this is your last chance! Consequences will occur!” I stumbled to the door.

“Why are you late, Ms. Raymond? We were waiting. Don’t ever keep us waiting!” Of course you little fool! You’re above the Ghoooul’s Assissstant! UGH!

“Sorry.. not prepared! Emotionally prepared.” If this keeps up I will be the champion at lying. But it wasn’t completely a lie. “You’ve got to be prepared for the job! Anyways.. congratulations, you’ve gotten the job.”