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Notes for first years from a experienced first year

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part one

I would recommend not taking transfiguration unless you are looking for a good challenge. It is very challenging and personally to hard.

The first charms lesson has a lot of dates you must remember, so don't skip past them!

Just because in Harry Potter History of Magic was boring, does not mean it is here!! You should try it.

If you want to actually post things on your page, You might want to go in settings and allow that people can comment on your posts. And if you want to get at least a few followers, some of the professors will follow you if you follow them!

Just in case, I accidentally signed up for Botanique. There are no lessons it is not in english and I can not unenroll

If you would like to chat with people, You can in a dorm or you can do a roleplay group

I actually have a group for first years where we can chat and talk about school and other stuff.

History of magic classes are the shortest, but they have more homework, the essays are not just extra credit.

Dont answer question TO quick without thinking. Some times the question has spelling as part of it and you might skip over it

The first year of charms is mostly talking than doing, yet you still do quite a bit.

Remember pronunciations for spells! They might not seem important but sometimes you will get tested on them!