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The Girl Who Didn’t Want To

Chapter 1 of 1

Starting Out

My parents were Death Eaters. I still don’t know why they chose to serve evil. Maybe they are evil.. maybe they just wanted to protect us and thought that was their only option. I didn’t want to but my parents were never caught so “..thought it would be best for us.. keep the legacy going...don’t fail us.. we know you can fight and kill.. you can get away with it, you’re a Ravenclaw.” That speech.. was forever. I could hear it in my brain word for word. I did NOT want to carry on this STUPID legacy! “Legacy”! “KAHEALANI!” I shouted for my Threstal. Yes.. I could see her. “Trepó Hall, please. I’m running late.”

We soared through the sky and for that minute.. it was alright. The breeze in my face and the wind in my hair, my hands on Kahealani. Then we reached the Trepó’s. I reluctantly went inside the house.. house not a home. “Why are you here?” Rutina Paine asked. She was one of the most infamous Death Eaters ever. She had a record of 1,000+ kills, 40 streak, and has never been to Azkaban. She’s too good to be caught. Her motto, never follow it! “I SAID why are you here!” Baaaad temper. “To join the Death Eaters!!” I almost shrieked at her. “Like your spark, what house are you in?” “Oh I got sorted into RavenClaw but the Sorting Hat was going to put me into Slytherin! All my teachers said I was ahead of my grade and I almost got put into the next year.” “Ok cunning, kill me.” “What?” “Kill me!” “I didn’t know it was that easy! As you wish master!” I pulled out my wand and started to say “Crucio”, I was obviously not going to put that on my record! “Ok stop! You’re the only one this week that has actually obeyed. You shouldn’t kill your master but you should obey them, I guess this was.. different.” She said that with a huff and a glare. Yes! I did it. Wasn’t a failure to my parents, wasn’t a Death Eater! “Prove your strength! Duel.” I went over to the boy I was supposedly duelling. “Raco Layton. Not very nice to meet you..” I could see it in his eyes that he didn’t want to be here. “Lydia Holt. Same to you.” I said as I got into my position. “NOW!” Rutina boomed. I didn’t waste a single second! “Petrificus Totalus!,” Ok made him still, now time to hurt him! “ Sectumsempra,” I muttered the spell so it wouldn’t do full damage but enough to stop. “Ok stop!” Knew it, RAVENCLAW!! I said the healing spell with full willpower. He even said “Oh, didn’t know you wanted to heal me that much.” I countered with “No, I just put effort into my spells, unlike you.” “I’ll speak with The Lord about you, meanwhile you can spend the night in his room. I didn’t expect I would consider you.” I didn’t expect I wouldn’t like you this much, RUNITA! Two can play at this game. “So uh my hot is over here. MY ROOM not my hot, I er- I don’t know why I said that.” He started to walk with a brisk pace when I started to giggle. “Huh, your hot’s pretty cool.” He had Gryffindor Quidditch robes laid out. Wait.. Gryffindor? “So you’re a Gryffindor?” “Oh uh no I’m um not a Gryffindor, it was my brothers. He’s left for an actual job.. working with dragons. I keep it here to remind me of him.” Oh, interesting. “So what house ARE you?” “I'm a Slytherin. I begged the Sorting Hat to not put me in Hufflepuff.” “HUFFLEPUFF!” “Shhh no one should now.” “We’ll, why’d you tell me?” Silence. “So did you want to join the Death Eaters?” Again.. just silence and the voices..the never ending voices.