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Ollivander's Apprentice

Chapter 1 of 2

Chapter One

“Zephyr! Get down here! Your N.E.W.Ts are arriving!” I sat bolt upright, got up, and sprinted down the stairs, skidding to a halt at the table. There was the owl, sleek and shiny, carrying a heavy piece of parchment. With trembling fingers, I took it from its beak and slid it open.

N.E.W.T Tests
Zephyr Grace Sliver has achieved:

Study of Ancient Runes: E
Defense Against The Dark Arts: O
Potions: O
Transfiguration: O
Charms: E
Care of Magical Creatures: O
Herbology: O
Wandlaw: O
History of Magic: E
Alchemy: O
Astronomy: E

“Yes! Yes yes yes yes yes! I’m on the way to being a wandmaker!” I shouted. My little sister came pelting down the stairs.
“WHAT DID YOU GET?” She shouted. I gave her my paper and she squealed.
“You are going to make my wand!” she screeched. I covered my ears. Even at seven years old, that girl can yell.
“Mom, I’m going to Diagon Alley. I want to meet with Mr. Ollivander. I’ll be back with news when I can.” I said, hurrying up to my room to put on my best robes. They were a silvery rose-gold, and had no hood. I slipped my wand into my sleeve and put my hair in a ponytail and grabbed my money bag and put it in my pocket. Then I went back downstairs, hugged my mom and sister goodbye, and then disapparated.
I arrived seconds later in the middle of Diagon Alley, buffeted by shoppers. Then I made my way to Ollivanders. The bell tinkled as I went in, and I stood, waiting.
“Hello Miss Sliver. Back again?” he asked. I nodded.
“I have received my N.E.W.T’s back, and I have all of the qualifications to become a wandmaker. I wish to be your apprentice. I am skilled and am eager to provide my services. I made my own wand, you see, after I graduated school. I still have my old one though. Sycamore, 12 ½ inches, dragon heartstring. I have to keep it well away from my sister.” I brought out the wand I had made. He took it and looked at it closely.
“My, my. Do my eyes deceive me? Ash, 12 ¾ inches, supple, and… my dear, you have used a hippogriffs feather! I have never dared use one. What is it like?” he remarked.
“I like it very much. Just like the creatures, hippogriff feathers only choose the worthy. I tried many different substances that worked, but this one, it seems, bonded to me. They are great for transfiguration and charms.” I smiled. He was impressed!
“What other substances have you tried?” he inquired.
“Wampus hair, occamy feather, basilisk venom, that was very hard to procure. I have also experimented with thunderbird tears and feathers. Phoenix tears take to healers, I have discovered.” I answered. He considered me.
“What can you bring to this business? How can you change it for the better?” I was ready for this question.
“I have an idea: make a training wand. I have found that fairy wings are not very powerful, and when put with a wand wood, can produce sparks, clouds, vapor, and noises. I also found that with willpower, time and patience, you can control it. I have been able to make the clouds come out in controlled rings, and make the sparks different shapes and colors. It would be beneficial to the young witches and wizards of this world to be able to grasp an idea of what having an actual wand could do. Of course, we would have to clear with the Underage Restriction Policy in the Ministry, but I think I can do that.” I finished. He seemed to be thinking.
“Miss Sliver, that is a fantastic idea! We could also use other mildly magical properties, like horklump spines or bowtruckle leaves! Yes, yes! You may work with me Miss Darklighter, yes indeed. We should get to work. Can you go and collect mildly magical properties? I’ll make a list.” he bustled off into the corner of the shop and started writing madly. A few minutes passed, and he gave me a list.
“Go get the cores. I will be in my workshop. It’s at the back.”

Ten Horklump spines
Two packs of fairy wings
Three packs of lacewing fly wings
One cup of powdered firecrab shell
Three packs of venomous tentacula leaves
Two packs of crup hair
Puffskein fur (i think you have to buy one)
Pygmy Puff fur (you need to buy a pygmy puff)
Two packs of niffler hair

I grabbed my wand and set off, out of the shop, and to the apothecary. I knew that I could get horklump spines, crup fur, fairy wings, powdered firecrab shell, niffler hair and venomous tentacula leaves there. I arrived at the door and pulled it open. The usual stink hit my nose, but I didn’t pause to be grossed out. I was too excited. I checked the list again, and proceeded to get what I needed. When I was done, I paid and left for the magical menagerie. I went in there and bought a puffskein, then headed to Weasley’s Wizard Wheezes for the pygmy puff. I selected a purple one, because the puffskein was pink. The wait was very long here, about thirty minutes. I hurried back to the wand shop and looked in the back. Sure enough, there was the workshop. It was very clean, with a mahogany table that was a bit scuffed up, shelves stocked with bright red feathers, silver-white hairs, and what seemed to be slimy dark tubes. I realized that these must be the three cores that Ollivander used. I look a closer look around. To my astonishment, I saw about forty trees lining the wall, all with one or two bowtruckles scurrying around the branches. I figured that these must be wand trees. Just then, Mr. Ollivander popped out of a cupboard, making me jump.
“Perfect! You are here. Set the materials on the table. We will get started.” So we did, mixing the different wand woods with the elements. The way you make wands is you take a branch, use your wand to shave the wood until you get a design you like, then you use a severing charm to split the wood cleanly in two. Then you gouge out a little tunnel in the middle. That is where the core goes. You place the core in the trench, and the close the wand back up. Then you block the holes at the end of the wand, and place sealing charms on it. It is relatively simple, but many times a wood will reject a core, or a core will reject a wood. We spent a long time finding what core liked what woods. After six long hours, we had matches. Mr. Ollivander wrote them down:

Niffler hair - aspen - birch
Horklump spines - oak - elm
Fairy wings - cherry - birch
Venomous tentacula leaves - elm - oak
Powdered firecrab shell - elm - aspen
Crup hair - oak - elm
Pygmy puff fur - cherry - aspen - birch
Puffskein fur - cherry - aspen
Lacewing fly wings - elm - oak - cherry

When we finished, we were sweaty from all of the steam rising from the newly made training wands. Wands often expel steam when and after then are made. The steam comes from the core getting used to the wood. We had about twenty wands in front of us. They were smaller than normal, because seven year olds were relatively smaller than twelve year olds. We stood back to admire our work.
“I think we should leave it here for today. We can start experimenting tomorrow.” said Mr. Ollivander. I agreed. I picked up my wand, said goodbye, and disapperated.