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Charms 101 - lesson 1- Introduction, History, and Ancient Foci - spells - Lumos & Nox

- in ancient times magic was practised more openly
- in ancient Greece and Egypt witches and wizards used magic to protect ancient tombs
- the Ollivander's have been making wands since 382 B.C.E.
- wands were made previously but they weren't stable and could stop working or explode
- before wands magic came out of magical's in uncontrolled bursts much like accidental magic
- primitive tools like crystals crude wands and metal rods helped focus magic
- the modern wand allows a witch or wizard to release their magic in a controlled way
- the council of warlocks ruled from 1000-1400 C.E.
- in 1400 C.E. various magical governments were established based on culture and location
- in 1000 C.E. separation between the magical and mundane world began
- witches and wizards were persecuted throughout the 1600s
- witch burnings and various other instances occurred
- witches or wizards in the event of a witch-burning would cast the flame freezing charm and pretend to feel pain and die it was a successful method and the witch or wizard was thought dead by all the persecutors
- the introduction of the international statue of secrecy occurred in 1689
- the statue of secrecy finalised the separation of the magical and mundane worlds
-the statue was created for the safety of both the magical and mundane as magic kind wanted revenge against muggles for the witch burnings
- each government became responsible for hiding evidence of magical activities including flora and fauna
- the statue though it was established in 1689 was not officially recognised by all governments for three more years
- if a muggle sees something magical to big to discount the accidental magic reversal squad will obliviate the muggle
- anyone under the age of 17 is not allowed to use magic outside of school unless their life is at stake due to the reasonable restriction of underage sorcery which was established in in 1875
- the lighting charm was first used in 1772
- it was created by Levina Monkstanley a ministry employee
- it creates light at the end of a wand
- can be used to repel incorporeal threats like malevolent spirits
- the incantation is Lumos (pronounced 'LOO-mos')
- the wand movement is a single counter-clockwise loop
- the will power you use determines the colour of the light
- the concentration you use is what lights up the wand
- very little concentration or will power is necessary
- the perfect colour for the light unless trying otherwise is a bright yellow light
- the flow of magical energy does not need to be maintained
- the incantation is Nox (pronounced 'NOCK-ss')
- the wand movement is a small flick
- as it merely cuts off light being produced by your wand it does not require any concentration will power or magical energy