Percy Dawlish


Wand-Dogwood and unicorn hair, 15 inches

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Slytherin, I have strong traces from my past ,the sorting hat made a quick decision which what house I was. I Enjoy astronomy the most ? I like potions the least ? I am a pure blood If you were in the UK during either time He-Who-Must-Not-Be-Named rose to power, when he rose to power it was the greatest thing ever, my willingness to fight is what I got going for me most, the unlimited power you can have is the best thing about Magic I would use my magic for mine and my friends gains If you are being honest with yourself, what do you really want? I want to be someone people look up to and see what power can come with these gifts I have a pet cat, his name is top, he is vere curious and feisty, This man is a Slytherin, and makes you think of a wild animal. He has deep-set gray eyes.He has thick, straight, charcoal-colored hair. He has a graceful build.
His favorite area of study is Astronomy.

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