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Me and my friend Kiki are muggleborns and we went to muggle school together. Kikis dad is dead so she was devastated. I was her emotional support human. We stuck together through thick and thin. The day Kiki got her letter she kept it a secret and told me she wasn't going back to school with me next year because she had to go to a boarding school. I was so sad that I was going to loose my best friend. We went a few months thinking this was going to be the end of our friendship. Kiki promised she would come back for Christmas and summer but that still wasn't enough. I told her I wanted to go to this stupid boarding school with her but every time she gave some wacky excuse. I felt betrayed why doesn't she want me there? Am I not good enough? Is she gonna forget about me and make new friends? Then it happened. On my birthday I got a strange looking envelope. It had a red seal on the back with an H on it. I opened the letter curiously and read that I was invited to this weird school. Why would I throw away my education to pull bunnies out of hats? I decided it was a scam. I go to tell Kiki that I got this stupid letter and she gasped! She was shooketh. I was all like "Whats wrong are you having a heart attack?" and she said " You got a letter?" so I said "isn't that what I just said?! I know we arent friends anymore because you dont want to be but I had no one else to tell about this letter and I just wanted to tell you because you are the most loyal person I know even if you dont like me anymore." she stared at me than said "I got a letter too. Thats the school im going to... But you cant tell my parents!" "ok ok wait you're going there too?!" "yeah I am." "well its obviously a scam Im not going" "yeah so Im not going" A few months later we where having a sleepover when there was a tapping noise on Kikis window. We jumped and slowly opened it. There was two freaking owls no. way. They had more letters. We eventually decided to check out this Pigwarts place. got ready to go to Diagon Alley (Where you get your school stuff I guess). Kiki told her mom she was going to stay with her aunt in New Jersey. We got on a plane and flew to England! They have such cool accents! We got to Diagon alley any boy was it hard to get there. Let me explain we looked and looked and looked and looked and looked for Diagon Alley. When Kiki said the word Diagon Alley a strange looking teenager screams "I KNOW WHERE DIAGON ALLEY IS!" We screamed "Stranger danger!" The weird looking stranger led us to Diagon alley where we got our weird school stuff. My stick or wand as they call it i guess is Willow wood with unicorn hair! After that we went to the train station. Where the heck is platform 9 3/4?! When we were talking we weren't paying attention and walked into a wall. THE WALL FREAKING DISSAPEARED Whaaaaat?! We saw this beautiful Scarlett train and we guessed this is it platform 9 3/4! We got on the train and sat next to this girl named Brylee. Brylee was so nice to us and she gave us candy! Anywho that is my story!

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