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The Willmar is a pureblood family going back generations. They are a hardworking family. The Willmar’s aren't pretty well-known they have a history of being equally divided throughout the houses. They are known to have a connection to all Creatures and that passed down to Acorn. Even though they are pureblood they don’t believe that they are better than everyone. For example Acorns, big brother Mace is married to a muggle.

Let’s talk about the Willmar family tree of at least the ones acorn knows. Rupard Willmar is Acorn’s grandfather he passed away a year ago. Lorelei is her grandmother shes retired. Cora and Anastasia are acorns aunts they are twins. Anastasia has two cats named Luna and Coco. Ben is acorns father he is married to their mother Rose. they have three kids Mace the oldest son Len the youngest son and acorn the only daughter and middle child. Mace Is married to Margaret.

Acorn is a sweet human being she went to Ilvermorny when she was 11 and 12 and came to Hogwarts when she was 13 so she is in 3rd years. Her mother lived in America so her father decided to live with her but they moved to England last year. Her wand is Alder wood with a dragon heartstring core, 12 ¾" and quite bendy flexibility. Her Patronus is a Pine Marten.
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