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When I arrived at Hogwarts, I was sorted immediately into Hufflepuff. The Sorting Hat barely had to touch my head! My dad’s a muggle, but my mum was in Ravenclaw when she was at Hogwarts. She always told me I’d be a Hufflepuff because of my love for all creatures great and small, my patience, and my tendency to put other’s needs before my own. I was named Asterope after the star in the constellation of The Seven Sisters. There are many different versions of the story of The Seven Sisters – it seems that each culture has their own version. I’ve always loved the story, especially the way my mum tells it.
Like many Hufflepuffs, I am particularly gifted in Herbology, possibly because I’ve been gardening at home since I was old enough to hold a trowel. I am good at Potions but I don’t enjoy the class very much. I enjoy Charms and Transfiguration and I would love to be an animagi one day. I love to learn and my greatest goal is to be an Auror.
My family has a small farm in the Lakes District of England so we have lots of animals around! Currently we have 2 dogs, a cat, 4 rabbits and a family owl. We also have chickens, sheep, and a goat that doesn’t belong to us but likes to wander in and out.
I have one older brother who is a curse breaker, and a younger brother and sister who haven’t started at Hogwarts yet.

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