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the Hogwarts House i was sorted into was Slytherin, why did the Sorting Hat make that selection? Well i have some idea I'm a Riddle i had to be a Slytherin. I was made for slytherin so there was no hatstall. My favorite class is Transfiguration. My least favorite is Potions because of well, Snape. I am rather good at Defence Against the Darks Arts but it bores me. I am a pureblood witch. My blood status has made me rather popular in the Wizarding World. My greatest strength is curses and hexes, and most potions. My greatest weakness is history and most old or ancient subject. I don't really have an idea after school seeing as i just started and i like to live more in the present. I think the most fascinating aspect of magic is the amount of ways to beat someone at their own game. I don't really know is I want to use magic to help others, or to further my own ends, it depends on the situation. If I'm are being honest with myself, I don't really want anything but to be the best witch in my generation. I have a small black cat. Her name is Salem, they are very mischievous. My family, well my family is one of the darkest ones there is besides the Malfoy's if you didn't know I am a Riddle, I am Tom Riddle's aka Voldemort's daughter but nobody knows that.
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