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Owl me or comment on my wall to rp. I’m up for anything. Can do FxF or FxM x Online

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HP OC's: Violet Ambroise 17 years old (depends on RP). Part Veela. Slytherin, Halfblood Lesbian Violet is a tease, she likes to make boys think that she's truly interested in them, and then rip their heart out with the cold truth that she is into girls. Her Veela blood and her beauty make her simply irresistible and she plays on that. Heather Klein 17 years old (depends on RP). Slytherin, Pureblood Bisexual Like her name sake, Heather is sweet... for a Slytherin. She still has somewhat of a dark-side and can be relatively hot-headed when it comes to somebody wronging her or her family. Lois Keller 17 years old (depends on RP). Slytherin, Halfblood Pansexual (Personality in progress) Marvel OC: Thea Bancroft 17 years old (depends on RP) Alias - Paragon Thea was taken into the care of the Avengers at a very young age after being discovered in the rubble of her foster home. They had been summoned to the site as it seemed the damage had been caused by someone with powers. It became apparent upon arrival who that someone was. Percy Jackson OC: Lilia Barker 17 years old (Depending on RP) Godly Parent - Poseidon (Backstory in progress) <iframe src="" width="100%" height="300" frameborder="no" scrolling="no"></iframe>

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