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I was sorted into Slytherin in my first year at Hogwarts because of my courage, thirst to prove myself to those who deserve as such, my cunning outlook and will drop everything to protect those who I care about. The Sorting Hat took a very brief moments pause until listing my qualities. My favorite classes are Potions, DADA, Flying and Care of Magical Creatures. My least favorite classes are History of Magic and Muggle Studies. All the other classes are sort of in between. I did pretty average in Herbology even though it wasn't particularly my favorite. I'm a pure-blood, it's definitely helped a lot over the years at Hogwarts. It has opened up many friendship opportunities but it has also brought toruble due to other bloods. He-who-shall-not-be-named disgusts me, I looked at him and only saw my hatred for him. My greatest strength... well, I suppose it would be catching on to most spells, charms and potions quite quickly unless they were a more difficult one. My great weakness.. I guess it would be putting myself on the line for those I care about most even if it means I could be killed. Personally, I have no idea what I wish to do after I graduate, I hope over the years, opportunities will arise. When it first dawned on me I had magic, I couldn't stop to do any magic, but just admire it. It can bring the absolute best out of people but most certainly bring the worst out of people that decide to choose that path. My background isn't too interesting, my parents heavily debated whether or not I should be exposed to magic. They ended up agreeing, knowing the letters wouldn't stop until I showed up to Hogwarts. I was more on the quiet side when I was younger and I still am, depending on the person and class. I definitely knew when to shut my mouth, although, if I'm seeing nothing but red, there's usually no going back to calm.
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