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(Younger Student) Hi! my name is Emma Black, I was sorted in Hufflepuff in my earlier Hogwarts years when I was younger I always wanted to be sorted into Slytherin so my family would be proud of me. My family hates Hufflepuff house. but after I heard about these two brave women they became one of my biggest idols. I am proud to be part of the same family they are in. they are nymphadora and andormeda tonks. let me tell you a little about them andormeda tonks was a Slytherin she was brave enough to not follow her families obsession with pureblood rules andormeda came from one of the most ancient pure blood families she was part of the Black family. it is impressive what she did to marry the love of her life Ted tonks. nymphadora however in andormeda tonks wife which means she is part black the black family disowned her because she was the daughter of andormeda tonks and also because her father is muggleborn. Nymphadora was sorted in Hufflepuff she became an auror she was brave and loyal she married a werewolf and had a son with him. she married one of Sirius black's best friends Remus lupin. I however might have changed my mind about Hufflepuff after reading andormeda and nymphodora’s stories. they were such brave and powerful witches I hope one day i will be able to achieve something similar to what they achieved even if its a lot less. I no longer care about what my family thinks about me.

Now enough about my family this is my get to know me:
My name is: Emma Black
My Hogwarts house: is Hufflepuff
My wands wood is: vine wood
My wands length is: 11 3/4
My wands core is: Unicorn hair core
My patronus is: Dapple Grey Mare
My favorite family member is: Sirius Black or Nymphadora Tonks

I don't care if they were disowned from my family but what's important is that they are amazing idols
By the way sis if you're reading this i'm sorry about the favorite family member :(
sis i want you to know i love you
-Emma Black
To: Lucy Black

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