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I am apart of the Slytherin house, I think the house made the choice because I'm a witty, smart, cunning and very impulsive sometimes. I would say it was a little slow but other than that it was just something I wasn't worried about, I knew id be put into a good house. I really like charms and transfigurations, and a little bit of flying. Potions class definitely isn't a class I was excited about but I did seem to excel at it. I am a pure-blood which is nice to say I guess. Because I am a pure-blood people seem to think I'm stuck up but when truly I love muggeborns and half-bloods the same. I think everyone is equal no matter where they came from. if I were there when he-who-must-not-be-named rose to power it would be tough, being a pure-blood would've been hard because they would think I'm a horrible person. It definitely wouldn’t be easy for anyone because it would be such a scary and dark time that I would try and forget its happening to have some type of peace. My greatest strength would be that I have the ability to learn and catch on to things quickly and that I have a love for all types of life. My greatest weakness would have to be that I trust easily as well as not thinking some things through, I have many weaknesses but those are the ones that stand out the most to me. When I finish school I want to be a teacher or work with the ministry because I want to make the world a better place as well as being a safer place.I feel as if magic has many drawing characteristics about it but I love the complete awe you can get for showing what you can do as well as what you learn, magic is something that I have always loved because it makes me feel complete. I would always use my magic to help others because I know if I tried hard enough I could be there for myself. Helping and teaching others has always been my main priority. I do have pets, as of right now I have an owl who's name is Scarlett, I am working on getting some more pets/animals but I have nowhere to keep their needs satisfied and that's very important. Scarlett is a very smart and beautiful owl, everyone once every so often she'll hit a window but that happens to the best of us, she is very well behaved and is strangely mean to people she barely knows. I would say my family is pretty weird, my sister and brother both are very self absorbed when it comes to magic, its always to benefit themselves and that just isn't my way of life. My family and I constantly fight over what is right and what is wrong. My mothers side of the family if full of witches and wizards that weren't that good but that never really bothered me because I don't like them anyway. My dad side of the family is more half good and half bad but I like them more because they are more understanding of my views as a witch.

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