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I was just 11 when I first got my Hogwarts acceptance letter. I have a pet owl named Bonnie, I bought in Diagon alley, not sure what type of owl it is but it was the prettiest of them all. I then rode the Hogwarts Express, soon to be arriving at Hogwarts. I knew I had Slytherin traits but I was sorted into Gryffindor for I believe it is because of my pure bravery. I fell in love with a broomstick: Nimbus 2000, At that very moment, I knew I wanted to be a Quidditch Player. My mother is pureblooded and my father is a muggle-born. They were privileged wizards and witch unfortunately my father died due to muggle problems in the muggle world. I had the money to buy a broomstick, for that I was cast into the quidditch team as a chaser and a substitute seeker and beater. I was a skilled player that I decided to be a Quidditch player for a living, I also took Zoology for my love of animals. I married George Weasley and fuck Angelina Johnson. I long had a crush on Fred Weasley but despite his mournful passing, I married a guy that looks and acts exactly like him. George isn't a replacement, I'd have both if it was possible but I love George with my all.

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