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Since my father is a wizard, I dreamt of going to Hogwarts for years. My mum was quite surprised to find out of the wizarding world when she found herself holding my older brother while I floated out of the cradle. Bit of a shock for her, so my dad came home early from his work as a healer in St. Mungos. After that I grew up between the worlds, since my mum fixes furniture for a living, but all I wanted was to finally receive my Hogwarts letter, I can't wait to learn magic! However my older brother got his letter two years prior to me and is sorted a Hufflepuff like my dad, we are really close. I already read a few pages of the requested books, and especially potions and history of magic seem to be really interesting subjects!

For Roleplay:

☾ Runaan Norwood
・ ravenclaw
・ 16 → 6th grade; born december the 26th
・ brown curly hair in a bun, hazel eyes, freckled skin,
・ half-blood – father: healer in St. Mungos
⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀mother: restores old furniture
・ shy, smart, creative, quiet
・ gay (I only do boy x boy)
・ wand: pine wood, phoenix feather core, 12“,
⠀⠀quite flexible
・ patronus: thestral
・ amortentia: warm bread, ocean, fresh laundry

★ Cirdan Blair
・ slytherin
・ 17 → 7th grade; born october the 13th
・ black long hair, grey eyes, pale skin, 6“3
・ he tells everyone he‘s a pureblood
⠀⠀– his father and mother come from pureblood
⠀⠀families, but his mother is actually a squib
・ bright, cunning, hostile, sarcastic
・ gay (I only do boy x boy)
・ wand: cherry wood, unicorn hair, 13“, unyielding
・ patronus: crow
・ amortentia: coffee, pine tree, roses

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