Lauren Ackerman


I'm just here, watching my life pass by, trying to stop drinking caffeine, and thinking about how hippogriffs are the prettiest creatures

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My mom (Annabella Ackerman) is a very judmental person, she was a Ravenclaw when she attended Hogwarts. Nowadays is a very well-known Auror and a very strict mother that puts a lot of pressure on me, and that hates the idea of me being a Slytherin just like my dad. My dad (Charles Ackerman), on the other hand, is in Azkaban. He was a Death Eater and tried to kill my mom because she is a muggleborn. They had me when they were 20, and started hating eachother at the age of 23, so yeah, I had a pretty good childhood.

I have a very unhealthy coffee addiction that i'm currently trying to end. I really love Potions class, but just because is the only class i'm good at, my grades aren't the best and that dissapoints my mom because she wants me to be the next MInister of Magic, but I don't really know what I want to become once I graduate at Hogwarts.
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