Madelyn Melisend Margaret

Student, Bookworm,

let´s just say i am complicated and divers so if you think you got me figured out, you do not. i am open tho :)

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My father is an asshole, that is why my mom and i live together alone. He used to be a good person even though he was forced to particapte at those awful balls his family always threw. He is a pureblood and his family -and now he too- are very dark wizards. Which is exactly why my mother left him; it was better for all of us. I don`t know if he still cares and to be frank with you i do not even want to know; i have this awful scar under my jaw that i like to cover, thanks to him. I woudn`t say that all the drama with him made me as who i am but it did shape me somhow. I even have a muggel freind back in my hometown, so everytime i come back home i would spend time with him, that is quiet nice and refreshing compared to what the wizarding world has to offer. From what i experienced, i want to be either a teacher at Hogwarts or an Auror.

People think they have you all figured out because you`re in Gryffindor. That doesn`t give me much space to prove them wrong or just show them that i can be more than that. My Family is all mixed up but Gryffindor is a rare one. My Dad was a Slytherin und my Mum was a Huffelpuff, she had Ravenclaw potential but her care for others always overlaps everything. I have friends from all houses so the competition is something i don`t understand. However when it comes to quidditch or even chess i ignore the fact that i am playing against my friends or family; so i say that they should not get offended.
i attend Hogwarts with the intention to find friends that will last a lifetime.

Name: Madelyn Melisende Margaret
Nicknames: Mads, `lyn, (from close ppl)
Age: can be discussed in rpg ( mostly 16 or 17) but for now i am a first year student.
Patronus: Tiger
Status: Singel
Blood: Half-Blood
Wand: Hornbeam wood with a dragon heartstring core, 10 1/4 and pliant flexibility
Pet: white cat; nio
Height: 5`3

well i love music, i actually play a few instruments and sing here and there. I got called a nerd a lot so i would consider myself that and a bookworm, a massiv one but i do not mind. It is who i am after all. You can always olw me for anything at all!
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