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Im gianna macmillan and im a slytherin. I’ve never been sure as to why i was a slytherin, I have quite the big heart but i suppose i do have a great passion to achieve greatness. I was quite the hatstall! I’ve always been quite interested in potions, astronomy, and DADA. however i cannot stand ancient runes, just thinking about the class gives me a head ache. I’ve always done well in all my classes, I take my studies rather seriously as to not disappoint my parents. I’m a pure blood, my parents are daniel macmillan and nancy macmillan and expect greatness from me. Being a pure blood in a way has been a disadvantage. I quickly learned many people will befriend you just based on your blood status. I don’t remember too much of when he rose to power, ive tried to block it out of my mind completely. I just remember the sadness and fear. Having no choice. It was rather dark times i wish not to think back on. My greatest strength is probably my loyalty and my drive for greatness. My greatest weakness is i can get too caught up with life outside of my lessons at times and can get quite distracted. I hope to be one of the next great witches, maybe work high up in the ministry, i need to continue to carry out the macmillan name with pride and make it strong. I think what is most fascinating about magic is that really there’s always more to learn, there’s always more to do and get at and discover, in a way you never really grow up in the wizard world, your mind can always wonder and grow curious of the unknown like a child. Of course i want to help others, but i also need to push my family ahead. I need to make my parents proud. I need to do amazing things and i will put myself first. I have a cat named banks, he is a pure white cat, he is a tame cat for the most part very curious however and tends to roam around a lot. That’s it for the most part. I intend to do my best to make the Macmillan name proud.

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