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it was quite hard for the sorting hat to choose between me going into Slytherin or Gryffindor so it settled for Ravenclaw because of my wit. my favorite classes are DADA, charms and potions. my least favorite lesson is divination because its always so inaccurate. I didn't particularly enjoy transfiguration but got extremely god grades in it. I am a pureblood. my blood status has never affected my life in the wizarding world except for the fact that some pureblood say that I'm a disappointment to all wizards and witches for the way that I act. I was scared but also knew I would be alright. my greatest strength is the fact that I can pull epic pranks, my greatest weakness is my friends. I will help Fred and George at weasleys wizarding wheezes as my job after school. I find animagi fascinating (I am one myself). I want to use magic to help others but also to protect myself.what I really want is for my father - Sirius Black - to be alive. I have a pygmy puff called Bella and an owl called pigwigen, they behave very well.there isn't anything strange with my family except the fact that my father is always on the run from the ministry and trying to protect Harry Potter.
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