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Yes... Lucien and I are twins..... NO we do not color our hair.

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Sebastian is from a well to do pureblood family, the Churches. The Churches were amongst Lord Voldemort's army, but were lucky enough to fly under the radar as they continued to bide their time for a stronger successor to Voldemort. Given the Churches' background, both Sebastian and his twin Lucien were raised to follow their parents' beliefs. However, Sebastian doesn't quite see eye to eye with them, but for fear of what they might say or do he keeps it to himself. This is also because he is loyal to a fault, so while he might disagree with his family, his loyalty to them always wins out.

Much like his brother Sebastian is very studious. The only difference between the two being is that he doesn't seem to favor any one subject over the other. Sebastian has always been in competition with his brother in everything due to everyone constantly comparing him to Lucie;, whether it be by family, teachers, or peers. Sebastian just can't seem to step out of Lucien's shadow no matter what he does. Because of this Sebastian often keeps to himself in order to avoid the headache it causes when others bring up his brother.

Height: 6'2
Weight: 160 lbs
Sexuality: Straight
Familiar: None yet
Special Abilities/Interests:
Wand: 11 inches, Cedar, Dragon Heartstring Core, Unyielding in flexibility
Patronus: Crow

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