Alex Kingsley

First Year Student

I am secretly a pirate. But however prone to many injuries.

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  • 1st Year
  • United States


Muggleborn. My grandmother was a witch, but her daughter was born a muggle married another muggle man and had me. I guess if I hadn't gotten into Hogwarts I'd be studying to be a doctor. I gave the sorting hat a run for his money when I first dropped in. Couldn't decide to place me in ravenclaw or gryffindor, SURPRISE! I'd say I'm doing mighty fine for a first timer. I'm just hoping that I can keep my grades up for finals. I also have this unrealistic goal of one day being a prefect. Who knows? I might just live up to the old family name.

Patronus: Basset Hound

Wand Details:

Wand Length: 12 1/2
Wand Flexibility: Swishy and Flexible.
Wand Wood: Rowan Wood.
Wand Core: Phoenix Feather Core

Course Report Card:

Astronomy - Unattempted
Charms - Unattempted
Defence Against the Dark Arts -75%-A
Herbology - 90% - O
History of Magic - 81% - E
Potions - 92% - O
Transfiguration - 91%- O

Keeping my Course Report Card up to date so I don't get a howler in the mail.

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