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Name ~ Rose Mira Azalea

Age ~ Haha. Nice try.

Birthday ~ June 16th

Zodiac ~ Gemini

Hogwarts House ~ Ravenclaw

Ilvermorny House ~ Thunderbird

Personality Type ~ INTJ-A

Wand ~ Elm, Phoenix feather core, 14 inches, springy

Personality ~ Optimistic, overenthusiastic, talkative, nerdy, bookish, creative, humorous, and overall a fun (read: annoying) person to hang around with.

Backstory ~ Rose is a half-blood witch from the U.S. Her parents are both professors at Ilvermorny, and she grew up in Massachusetts. Rose's favorite subjects are Herbology and Transfiguration. Rose was sorted into Ravenclaw the moment the hat touched her head. She's innovative, quick-witted, and loves to read and learn new things. She's a first-year transfer from Ilvermorny, and is hoping to make new friends at Hogwarts!

OCs ~

Divergent OC ~ Reina Merida

Age ~ 16

Birthday ~ March 24

Original Faction ~ born Dauntless

Faction ~ Erudite

Personality ~ Easygoing, friendly, hardworking, intelligent, and introverted

Percy Jackson OC ~ Kristi Morgan

Age ~ 12

Birthday ~ November 26

Olympian Parent ~ Athena

Camp ~ Camp Half-Blood

Weapon ~ sword

Personality ~ Competitive, curious, quick-witted, studious, and extroverted

Feel free to owl me or post on my wall!!! :)

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