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I'm a Slytherin pureblood previously going by the name Scorpius Prewett. (Boyish name for a girl huh? I got that a lot) But when I was five I was taken by the Dark Lord as a form of lab-rat. Along with fifty other kids I was tested but most of them died or I've been told. He decided I'm almost passable to be a prodigy as I could stand after the cruciatus curse and I was smarter than those slow spokes. I wasn't given much comfort when I was tested. We had separate cells in a dungeon somewhere out of Britain, I guessed that from the change of air and the feel of the atmosphere. Turns out they took us somewhere in Asia. Every now and then we were either tested by feeding a few toxins or the imperious curse or maybe the cruciatus curse. We only got three meals a week and had a bucket and a ten minute water supply for shower every week. Then after almost a month, or was it twenty days? Can't remember as I lost count after they stopped giving us food for sometime. One day the Dark Lord broke my cells door and I thought I did something bad, but he went there to evaluate me as I was the last one standing. He left me after putting nagini in the cell. I think it was the best part of the hell they called those tests. The snake didn't bother me and I sat there blabbering to myself about a few things but soon it slithered towards me and it curled around my body but I was too far gone to care whether I died or not. But it didn't attack it just tightened the grip to the point of slight uncomfortable. That thing sat there like that, snugly curled up around me like a vine. It wasn't the best thing but it sure was better than getting whipped. After a while he came back and was surprised to see his snake friend all over me. I was officially his adopted daughter (I feel so proud. Note the sarcasm). He made sure I learned to fight both hand-to-hand combat and weapons. I was good with daggers and that's what caused the unusual name "Roze". It's Latin for Rose.
Yay! Now you know the name of the girl with the red rose pinned to her robes. I'm obsessed with roses.
I'm the girl that left the threat on your bed along with the fallen rose petal too. And no disturbing me in the great hall, I find murdering people with a butter knife or the tea spoon out of style. But you can always come to me for your home works. I'm happy to help.
And don't wish me on my birthday.

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