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Both my parents are pureblood Gryffindors however, my family is not one to discriminate against muggle-borns and half-bloods. I have an older brother named Elio and a younger sister name Amelie. Unfortunately, my oldest bother Ezra had created quite a stir as an Auror and was killed by one of Voldemort's followers when I was still very young, only 10. My parents took his death more seeverely than my siblings and I. They stopped paying much attention to us so Amelie and I were practically raised by Elio. I was incredibly excited when I got my letter and took an immediate liking to Astronomy as my mother was an Astronomer. She loved to go stargazing with me late at night before the incident. My father works for the Ministry of Magic so he taught me loads of spells which has helped me in DADA. My older brother Ezra taught Elio and I to fly when I was very young so I grew up playing Quidditch.

Appearance: short, thin, short dirty blonde hair with curtain bangs, blue-green eyes, Palish skin, but a bit of freckles on my nose
Wand: 11 in. Hornbeam wood, Phoenix Feather core
Pet: Brown cat- Dana
Patronus: Irish wolf hound
Boggart: Any enclosed space
Amortentia: the smell of campfire, freshly mowed grass, ginger, cinnamon, cookies baking
Dream Wizarding Job: Healer or Auror
Hobbies (at Hogwarts): Hanging out with friends, seeker for Hufflepuff, Prefect. Hopes to be head girl and Quidditch captain.
Friends (at Hogwarts): Male- Cedric Diggory, Ron Weasley, Harry Potter and Neville Longbottom. Has no preference when it comes to who she hangs out with. Female- Luna, Ginny and Hermione.
Enemies (at Hogwarts): Anyone who is unkind without provocation or explanation. Also has an ongoing feud with Lavender Brown, and a few members of the Slytherin Quidditch team

In my friends, and love interests, I look for someone who has a good sense of humor. I also really value loyalty and empathy. I am a pretty jokey person myself but also quite studious. I care a lot about my grades. I can be a tad emotional, but not overly so, but I take criticism VERY seriously.

I am not very good when it comes to writing or putting my thoughts on paper but put an instrument in my hand and I'll play anything you ask. My other hobbies are any sort of sport, hanging out with friends, and being curled up with a good book in my common room. I am also very outgoing and jokey, and love to hang with my friends, and pull a good prank.


Season: Fall
Animal: Sloth
Color: Yellow
Flower: Daisies and Japanese Cherry Blossoms
Place: Anywhere outdoors
HP Character: Fred and George or Ron
HP Book: Goblet of Fire
HP Movie: Half-Blood Prince
Traits in others: Kind, thoughtful, intelligent, funny, creative, and empathetic

Least Favorites

Season: Summer
Animal: Spiders
Color: Hot pink
Place: Hogwarts dungeons
HP Character: Umbridge haha
HP Book: Order of the Phoenix
HP Movie: Goblet of Fire
Traits in others: selfish, rude, boring, mean on purpose, lazy

Please send me an owl if you want to be friends, rp, or just need someone to talk to. I am always here! <3

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